d2bText Wrap

This function is used to wrap svg text based on a threshold character count width. This function uses d3's enter-update-exit process and is based on a character count threshold, and is therefore less destructive than d2b.textWrapPX. Unlike the other text wrap function, this one uses a datum accessor to get the text content rather than getting it from the text already rendered inside the element.

# d2b.textWrap(context, [text, [width, [anchor]]])

Wrap the context text, which may be either a d3-selection of svg text elements or a corresponding d3-transition.

If text is provided, it will be used to set the text accessor function. The text accessor defaults to d => d.label.

If width is provided, it will be used to set the character width threshold where text wrapping should occur. The default width is Infinity.

If anchor is provided, it will be used to vertically position the wrapped text based on it's origin. Should be one of 'start', 'middle', 'end'. The default anchor is 'end'.

d3.select('svg text')
    .attr('y', 15)
    .datum({label: 'A really really long label that needs to be wrapped.'})
    .call(d2b.textWrap, function (d) { return d.label; }, 15);

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